TeacherEase: The Leading Web-based Gradebook and Student Management Systems

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TeacherEase is web-based gradebook communication software that allows teachers to simplify grades and communicate with parents .

It was Designed by Common Goal Systems:

It is a private company founded in 2001, which develops and markets Internet services to the educational market. TeacherEase, is their first product, came online for the 2001 school year. The company has been profitable since 2004. SchoolInsight was released in 2006. their  services are currently in use by over 1000 schools,  30,000 teachers, and 300,000 parents/students. their goals are to: (more…)

Top Five Tips for Safely Using The Internet

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the internet nowadays is an essential part in our life , that connecting us with friend , watch news around the world , learn …..

that we spend time – sometimes – more than we spend in our real world . as the real world has it’s rules to prevent us , this virtual world also have

1- don’t leave traces behind

The dangerous of hacking accounts on the internet isn’t in hacking process itself , but lies in getting your personal data ,reach all your data searched , all videos you have seen , all chats you have done

and could use it against you ( exaction )

next : the way to remove your Traces i know that some of our readers will surprise of the amount of stored information that recorded some how ,


so this lead us to the next points

2- Read the Usage Agreements Well:

you may give some websites the lawful rights to collect personal data (that you don’t want to share ) , like google agreement that was (more…)

Video : Computer Games evolution from 1992 to 2012

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how many hours or months that you spend within your life playing on your computers ? i think it is too much right ?

Video : Computer Games evolution from 1992 to 2012

this video summarize the developments of the Games since 1992 to 2012


This is the list of Games that Displayed:

1. Wolfenstein 3D (1992) 2. Doom (1993) 3. Dark Forces (1995) 4. Quake (1996) 5. Quake 2 (1997) 6. Half-Life (1998) 7. Quake 3 (1999) 8. Project IGI (2000) 9. Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2001) 10. Battlefield 1942 (2002) 11. Deus Ex: Invisible War (2003) 12. Doom 3 (2004) 13. Battlefield 2 (2005) 14. Crysis (2007) 15. Arma 2 (2009) 16. Metro 2033 4A (2010) 17. Battlefield 3 (2011)

Comparison Between Iphone 5 and Galaxy S3

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since Samsung has been a powerful competitor to apple in Smart phone  Field , samsung has targeted Apple in a lot of advertisements , and this is one of them (the comparison Between galaxy s3 and iphone 5) which applause a lot of its followers , and with the announcement of Apple Iphone 5 , samsung repeated that by attaching iphone 5 in the American newspapers and declare the big difference between Galaxy S3 and iphone 5 (and all the differences in the interest of galaxy s3 )

this is the Announcement

Comparison Between samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple Iphone 5

is it really represent the differences ? or samsung doesn’t declare the whole iphone 5 characteristics

Who is Muhammad that is followed by more than one billion Muslims

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Who is Muhammad that is followed by more than one billion Muslims?

Is he a venerable scientist?

Is he a popular prince?

Is he a sophisticated Prime Minister ?

Is he a fair king?

The answer is  No

He is greater than all of those

He is the Messenger of Allah

Muhammad received the message from Allah 1400 years ago to call all mankind to follow the true path, no matter where or when; no matter if white or black, his message is for all.

His message is the last and the lasting one, no messenger will come after him, he is the last Messenger.

Who is Muhammad? (more…)

edX Registration Began for 7 Free Courses Via Internet

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Registration for Free courses from edX has began , shortly edX is a free initiative from harvard , california university and masoshits institute of technology to provide free courses via the internet , the courses that began to register is :

edX Registration Began for 7 Free Courses Via Internet

1- Introduction to computer science 2- introduction to computer science and programming 3- artificial intelligence 4- introduction to solid state chemistry 5- software as service 6- Health in Numbers : quantitative methods in clinical & public Health Research 7- Cicuits and Electronics

all this courses provided freely to all and can be registered through http://www.edx.org and adding the course to your Profile , then the starting date of the course will appears , in addition to the lecturer , FAQ and minimum requirements of the course

Wonderfull initiative which will provide a lot of effort , time and will help a lot in learning via internet freely and all around the world