edX Registration Began for 7 Free Courses Via Internet

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Registration for Free courses from edX has began , shortly edX is a free initiative from harvard , california university and masoshits institute of technology to provide free courses via the internet , the courses that began to register is :

edX Registration Began for 7 Free Courses Via Internet

1- Introduction to computer science 2- introduction to computer science and programming 3- artificial intelligence 4- introduction to solid state chemistry 5- software as service 6- Health in Numbers : quantitative methods in clinical & public Health Research 7- Cicuits and Electronics

all this courses provided freely to all and can be registered through http://www.edx.org and adding the course to your Profile , then the starting date of the course will appears , in addition to the lecturer , FAQ and minimum requirements of the course

Wonderfull initiative which will provide a lot of effort , time and will help a lot in learning via internet freely and all around the world