Azerbaijan tower: The Tallest Tower in the world, up to 1050 m and cost two billion $

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Despite the current international crisis the race of the longest tower hasn`t stopped yet but this time it is out of the ARAB world and reached AZERBAIJAN

Azerbaijan tower: The Tallest Tower in the world, up to 1050 m and cost two billion $

They will built it as a part of huge project aims at establishing series of industrial islands in the CASPIAN SEA

The original plans was to built it 500 m but they edited it to 1050m the be 200m longer than KHALIFA TOWER and 50 m longer than the kingdom tower in GEDDAH (more…)

Artistic ideas to get the best use of the wasted Electronic circuits

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With the increasing use of the electronic devices (cell phones, computers, televisions etc,) we face the problem of getting rid of the wasted electronics specially as it contains heavy materials and toxics also that could pollute water and air if we didn`t recycle it in the proper way


Far from getting rid of it the cubian artist steven roderg decided to turn it creative fashion, so the wasted materials turned to be unique designs as this electronic shoes: (more…)

UnTraditional :Photograph Designing Art – Idea by ZINA NASER

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For a moment you may think that it is a graphic design by the computer but in fact it is a captured photos!

A cut paper fixed on the computer and photographed inside a dark room as you can see The idea designed by zeina naser and gathered between designing and photographing in an untraditional way:

creative photography - art photography

This idea mainly depend on carboard papers so as not to let the light pass through then she cut it to shape an image for the shadow:

creative photography - art photography (more…)

IPAD Video Lessons

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I wanted to establish review of iPad Pete’s iPad video lesson. As some people might wonder, why do you need an expalnatory video lesson for iPad? Isn’t it all individual efforts? , I’ve known that the answer to the last question is definitely no. I’ve known that a well performed lesson which includes the use of hands on practicing really is worth the time. Majority of people these days use only a small pieces of the abilities in their iPad and many people are trying to use it the hard way by their own hands. This is very time wasting and not useful at all. On the other side I can only explain a small number of lessons per year due to very tight time schedule at the Assistive Technology Center. I was trying to make a video lesson course myself to save the wasted time, when I suddenly thought in Pete’s iPad video lesson. I’m usually has a very skeptical, and I said to my self that this could be a fraud. Well I insisted to try it out, unluckily for me I found it to be a very valuable and useful video lesson. The course are consisted of logical levels and today they reached more than 100 videos. This makes it more easier to reach what you are searching for. One of the videos teaching you how to set the password settings is actually free, so if you pleased press the picture below to have a look at the example video at the end of iPad Pete’s webpage


Illusion mage review

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3D animation makers and those who are interested in the animation or graphic designing world, be aware. If you’ve always been seeking to produce designs and animations that have the same quality as Walt Disney and Pixar or if you’re after a creative 3D designs that will enable you to make and produce cutting edge 3D films, games, and animations easily while you are at your own home or no matter where you are, Illusion Mage is your rescuer and your last aim. Nobody gave you attention if you can’t provide the big name software like 3D Max or Maya when you are going to use Illusion Mage which is very good, or even equally greater

illusion mage review


Summary: Tech News 2011

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This year (2011) was distinguished with a lot of political events as in this year we witnessed the Arabic revolutions in TUNISIA, EGYPT, YAMEN and LEBYA which made this year enter the history record

2011 is a very important year in the technological world as there are some unbelievable events and here are a summary of these events by dates:

LARRY BIG takes the charge of GOOGLE:

2011 Tech News Summary

In 2011 we witnesses a great administrational change none ever could imagine it in GOOGLE which is the resignation of ERIC SHMEDTH and instead of him LARRY BIG to become the executive manager of the corporation. His position enabled him to make a lot of changes such as removing many services and giving much care for the social networks by launching Google plus (more…)