Illusion mage review

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3D animation makers and those who are interested in the animation or graphic designing world, be aware. If you’ve always been seeking to produce designs and animations that have the same quality as Walt Disney and Pixar or if you’re after a creative 3D designs that will enable you to make and produce cutting edge 3D films, games, and animations easily while you are at your own home or no matter where you are, Illusion Mage is your rescuer and your last aim. Nobody gave you attention if you can’t provide the big name software like 3D Max or Maya when you are going to use Illusion Mage which is very good, or even equally greater

illusion mage review


Summary: Tech News 2011

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This year (2011) was distinguished with a lot of political events as in this year we witnessed the Arabic revolutions in TUNISIA, EGYPT, YAMEN and LEBYA which made this year enter the history record

2011 is a very important year in the technological world as there are some unbelievable events and here are a summary of these events by dates:

LARRY BIG takes the charge of GOOGLE:

2011 Tech News Summary

In 2011 we witnesses a great administrational change none ever could imagine it in GOOGLE which is the resignation of ERIC SHMEDTH and instead of him LARRY BIG to become the executive manager of the corporation. His position enabled him to make a lot of changes such as removing many services and giving much care for the social networks by launching Google plus (more…)

The Bridge: a Control Board for Everything!

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Recently we got used to see a great merge between the media and the different technological materials, so we can watch t.v and at the same time use the computers to know the different sites, the problem here is the multiplicity of the control devices so a group of youth created one control board for everything!

The Bridge: a Control Board for Everything - remote control

The bridge is the smartest control device in the whole world so i`m no longer has to ask you about the number of control devices, this is why they created the bridge to merge between the different control devices as it works on the mouse, keyboards, televisions and the game boards to enable you control all the devices at the same time (more…)

Mypornblocker -the Best way to Protect Your Family !

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In today’s fast-paced society potentially hundreds, if not 1000′s, of websites are included with the Internet daily. The entire range of available porn websites on the Internet has increased our children’s contact with improper material and images. Today’s children have become extremely knowledgeable in the usage of the Internet. And simply Googling the word “sex” can expose them to unwanted content.


Presenting My Porn Blocker Software 

My Porn Blocker is actually a software produced by Martin Brendal and his brother after two full years of analysis and progression. MyPornBlocker to be much more than just a best porn filtering software. It’s become to be the one software to every family could rely on to block all uninvited content that may be bad for children.

Main features of My Porn Blocker

- Block Offensive Content Just before It Appears – (Works behind the displays and stops harmful websites before they appear, including newsgroups)

- Intergrated , With All Search Engines – (This means your children can’t browse a search engine and even see links to blocked web sites. This unique internet safety feature enables better security against pornographic pictures when you are performing an “image only” search.) - Stealth Mode – (Work soundlessly and fully hidden from the task bar, system tray, process list, start menu and add/remove programs portion!) - Block All Chat Software – (Chatting can certainly be fun but it’s also a very dangerous place where sex predators like to goal kids, restrict chat effortlessly!) - Automatic Screen Shots – (Secretly get high-quality pictures of the monitor every x minutes and then view a handy    DVD style slide show later to see everything!) - Easy URL logging – (Will keep neat and simple logs of all websites visited) - Smart Key phrase Filtration – (Allows you to obstruct a wide array of offensive websites both brand new and old!) - Username and password Control – (makes certain only YOU can use the program, the best way to bypass the software program is with your specific administrator password, which only you as the parent knows.) - Easy-To-Use! Simply just install and its auto-optimized for your PC! Why My Porn Blocker Is Preferable To Other Software…

- The patented design of MyPornBlocker has a prominent advantage over the normal way most similar porn blocking computer programs function. Most similar software programs check Just the Link to the requested page against a database of supposed “indecent” addresses – and these databases have to be updated constantly. This way of porn blocking isn’t GUARANTEED effective because 100s of new websites appear online every minute – YES! EVERY MINUTE.

- Unlike other programs, MyPornBlocker has unique functions that allow particular examining of the page material itself. It doesn’t rely on a database of URLs or suspicious sites… It checks and double checks the actual content that is being loaded and displayed on the PC itself.

- So even if your child stumbles across a new website that is less than 10 mins old and contains obscene material, MyPornBlocker™ will stop him or her from viewing this site instantly – without the need to have a database updated manually like our competitors.



My Porn Blocker, which is the most popular parental controls software on the internet today, isn’t just a family saver, but also a life saver. In comparison to other software packages, My Porn Blocker is surely an unique software program and makes use of higher methods of accessing parental control functions, so it can block all the porn websites even the porn email messages in time and provide all your family members with a safety and comfortable situation.

** Click here to visit  MyPornBlocker Website …

ARFA KARIM: The Brilliant girl who become a Computer Professional at the age of 9 and Died at Sixteen!

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Here is the PAKISTANI girl ARAFE KARIM who achieved great things although of her young age. This was supposed to be cheerful topic

ARFA KARIM: The Brilliant girl who become a Computer Professional at the age of 9 and Died at Sixteen!

but here we present it In a sorrowful way as she died two weeks ago at the age of 16.

Here is the story:

She was born in FAISAL ABAD, PAKISATN and become very popular at the age of 9 when she took the Microsoft certified professional certification, this certification obtained by the trained programmers in the technology world to become the youngest professional in the field of computer (more…)

Samsung Empire: Real Facts about the Dream of a Man Sells Sugar and Rice!!

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Most of us wonder why we don`t have great companies especially in the technology field in our Arab world, here is the answer with a famous company we know nothing about it , Not in the USA, EUROPE but in a small ASIAN country and it profits worth the profits of MICROSOFT, APPLE and GOOGLE together , Here is Samsung:

Samsung Empire: Real Facts about the Dream of a Man Sells Sugar and Rice!!

Do you know that the workers in it more than 344,000 person?

And it is profits in 2010 only more than 220 billion$ double the national income of some ARABIC countries as QATAR, KUWAIT, MORROCE and IRAQ , And if we considered it as a country it will become number 35 in the largest economic institutions in the world (more…)

The smallest cloudy printer in the world: Exciting technology for an extra elegant life

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You can put it in any place cause it is very small and you can put it on the desk shelf!

The smallest cloudy printer in the world: Exciting technology for an extra elegant life

My little printer, the new product by studio berg company, it is considered the smallest cloudy printer in the world and this is not its only advantage, you can put it beside your bed to wake you up in the morning with a collection of news, articles and your friends riddles also you can print them with a beautiful smile from it!

My little printer is the first of its kind in the markets known with berg cloud, in which you can connect it to the internet to provide you with the services of your day (more…)

Bioenergy: home lights without electricity !!

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With the increasing progress in all fields our need to electricity has increased so any problem in it will make our life stop , So can you imagine that you can light your entire house without paying anything to the company , This is no longer fantasy as PHILIPS company developed new lamps that radiates soothing lights with no need to electrical lights

Bioenergy - biolight: home lights without electricity

Lamp consists of one small glass chambers that produce light like the light that is emitted from the luminous insects, as they contain bacteria from farms that radiate green if fed on methane gas to get the light of the dynamic power without no need for electricity (more…)