Wallpapers Of Nature -Aurora borealis One Of The Most Amazing Phenomena


Dancing across the clear skies, the amazing Auroa Borealis are truly a sight to behold.

Wallpapers Of Nature -Aurora borealis

The owner of this group is the Icelandic photographer Christine Onur Christianson, who has 31 years old , he has spent about nine years of his age filming this amazing phenomenon : (more…)

Counter Ring: The Ring That Can Fast Counting Your Money


If you are one of the rich men or your work requires to count alot of money there are two ways to do: Either count it with your hands but it will be time-consuming and will not be accurate, or counting them through counting money machine which will be fast, but how many people have it?!! Now your aren’t need to buy counting money machines, but I advise you to get that ring:

electronic counter ring


Best 2010 wallpapers from National Geographic: 40 fantastic desktop backgrounds


desktop backgrounds gives your computer a special elegance that can breaks the barrier of boredom of your PC , so in this topic we will see a group of special backgrounds from national geography :

 wallpapers of nature - National Geographic

differentially of any backgrounds that you have seen in any other place , national geography always gives us a special images  that appears the beauty of  the planet in which we live  , so lets enjoy this set (more…)

New Service To Automatically Display Your Weather Forecast and Other Countries Forecasting


wthr.in - world weather forecast

With the vagaries in weather Nowadays alot of sites allow the services of displaying the weather, most of them requires user interface to start, such as changing the city to change temperature display, but with the service wthr.in for viewing the status of the weather you will not change any thing . as the service showing the weather status by identifying your location automatically, and this is due to the advantage of identifying the place that became available in the modern web browsers, all the user have to do is to enter the service website and in seconds the weather of his location will be displayed directly to him, the user needs to activate or allow the service to use the feature of determinating the location in his web browser , For example: my first visit to the site with my web browser google chrome an alert appeared telling me to make the feature of determining the location allowable, I agreed immediately, and this step is applied for the first time only.

you can also search for other countries weather forecasting not only today and tomorrow but also for the next few days -using the search box – by typing the city or country name. and you can search for any city you want

site service: http://wthr.in

tell us what’s your opinion in this new service and to what extent you see it will be useful

Microsoft Has Released The Second Version Of Its Security Software ” Microsoft Security Essentials”


microsoft virus protection - Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials is one of the most protective and speedy security software, it is very powerful that can block the viruses and hacker attacks, alot of websites agrees with me in this opinion in prefering this software over the other known security softwares

Microsoft has release the second edition of this software , the new version contains many advantages , the most important are the integration with windows firewall , improve protection from threats related to the web, improving the optimization engine to get rid of harmful files, protection against threats that arrive from the local network.

The new version can be downloaded from  here, also if you have the first edition , it will be automatically upgraded when you install the second edition.

That’s Where Wikileaks Hiding In – Data Center That Can Bears a Nuclear Weapon!!


wikileaks hosting providers

Wikileaks website has become a star news of the world over the last period due to what was published and still publishing the secret documents that reaches about 250,000 document?!!

Especially after the announcement by British police today arrested Julian Osanj -the founder of the website – based on an European arrest warrant issued by Sweden.

In any case we will not talk today about the site or its contents, but we will talk about the technical part of the story:

The Wikileaks website was using the services of Amazon company for hosting, but whenever the website makes trouble the U.S. government stressed on the company to cut the hosting services on site, and that was really happened for about a week ago., the question is where has the website gone ?

the website has transfered to a data center that doesn’t look like any other data center, we can see it at all:

wiki leaks hosting providers

Is located under 30 meters of rocks , provided with steel doors with about half a meter thick and can Bear a nuclear attack!!

that isn’t a secret place of James Bond, but it is a data center called “Pionen” which directed by Pinhov internet services company in Sweden. (more…)

Company Overview – Zebra Printers


Zebra Printers

Zebra printers is a part of the checklist of products offered by Zebra Technologies Corporation. The company provides a wide range of services and also innovative technologies geared at helping businesses maximize their efficiencies. Aside from the ever reliable printers that the provider presents, it in addition presents a wide range of hardware and software goods for people. (more…)

Selecting Best Computer Speakers


best computer speakers

You waste a lot of time at your computer. You work all day staring at the screen. You examine your email as well as communicate internet while you’re at house. For all of the time spent at your pc, why not enjoy some of it? Adding speakers to your pc can assist you get more from those otherwise dull moments. They could greatly improve your enjoyment of video games as well as movies. But, exactly how do you determine which are the best pc speakers for you? This article would be to support you define exactly that computer speakers you require. (more…)