The Way To Be A Millionaire – You Must Avoid Making These Mistakes

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This is a guest post from Jaime Tardy, who blogs at I thought it would be interesting to get some perspectives from other people who have had success, both online and off, so I invited Jaime to post this relying on her huge amount  of interviews. Links to the full interviews are gathered where it is possible.

Jaime writes:

I’ve met over 50 millionaires in the past year, and three big mistakes keep rising up. Here’s how successful millionaires knew how to overcome them:

Mistake #1: “But I don’t have any time!”

“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time’ is like saying ‘I don’t want to.” — Lao Tzu

I was talking with a millionaire the other day about how entrepreneurs want the newest tips and tricks to gain them more time. In reality, though, it’s the basic elements that matter. The word focus has rose up over one hundred times in the 50 meetings. We all have the same time. Imagine if you removed everything from of your arrangements tomorrow. No work, no driving, no eating, no Facebook, no TV. Just sitting. How long would tomorrow be? In work, we weaken our efforts by adding so much to our time table. Len Schwartz, establisher of Pro2Pro Network, said: (more…)

Turn Off the Noise and Start Creating

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Let’s speak about current situations. There’s a many things going on in the news right now. The 99% (aka Occupy Wall Street) movement. A backlash against big corporations, government bailouts, politicians who seek to change situations and then don’t do anything, and a lack of work opportunities in our country.

Listen to the protests, and you will be instantly shocked. It appears every body has a side; a story to tell. Now, you have to make choices. Are you a “liberal” or a “conservative”? A 99%er, a 53%er, or a 1%er? (No one will own up to the latter.)

I’m here to inform you: Not only does this stuff are not important, but it’s a distraction appears on your way turn you from changing the world.

In the hurry to can ourselves and prove that we are “un like” (or the same as!) others, we’ve forgotten one thing: We all exist here together. And if there are issues with this world–our universe–then it’s up to us to go out and work on them.

Oh yes, there were things the government did mistaken in. And big organizations. I’m not saying to remove it–I’m saying stop getting trapped up in it.

What would happen if, rather than engaging in a arguing where no one’s mind  changed and enemy defenses get ready between your friends and you, you simply opted out?

What if, rather than watching TV and becoming furious about those stupid liberals or those boring conservatives, you spent an hour working on your project? (more…)

Fractalius: A Photoshop Art!!

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When we talk about photoshop we must say that it is a great factory of an endless creation, every while many things appear to add to this art and to improve the creation. Today we will talk about a new odd addition in the photoshop world which is fractilius

photoshop art 1

This technique work on hiding the outer fibre of the image fearures

photoshop art 2

It can also simulate different types of strange lightening (more…)

See why the android is more difficult than the I PHONE in developing

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The I PHONE is better than the android in many things in such as the android came in many devices and also many android versions so the companies as well the individuals who develop these applications try to make these applications compeitable with the all devices which establish many propblems as they must have to obtain each new android device and its applications must work with every screen and processor which doesn`t required in the I PHONE because it has a unified system from APPLE

To know how mush they suffer you must see the following photos of ANIMOCA company that provided an application downloaded on 70 million device and tried on about 400 android device to approve its compatibility

see why android is more difficult than the iphone in development


out of papers ….. cell phone phones have more to provide

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with each pssing day more phone appliccations appear and more achievements happen to exceed our expectations here are three of them:

blood glucose meter:

iBGStar device is used to check the diabetes in the blood and it is copeitable with ipad and iphones

out of papers ….. cell phone phones have more to provide

By using special ships linked to the phones to measure the diabetes level in blood and it can provide it on the long run, see this video:

The device is made by sanovy and it contains other applications and it also can work by itself



Course: web site building from A to Z

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before intending to make your own website , you must ask your self the following questions:

1- What is the purpose of your website?

2- How will people find your site?

3- What are you going to do to make visitors linger at your site?

4- What do you want visitors to do once they are at your site?

5- How are you going to get people to come back to your site?

6- How are you monitoring going to monitor the results of your website?

after answering the previous questions …. you must know what does website really consists of ? , and how it works ? ….. then  it’s time to build your website ……

The website is just like network sharing files and documents , to let other network user get what they  need …. from your computer :

1- Computer that carry the  files and documents
2- network connection with virtual IP

3- brower (just like sharing programs or like regular windows browser ) to allow the network users to view the shared files  ….

the website just like sharing files and written pages within network (the internet ) to let the network users viewing the shared files and pages …… (more…)

Amazing Photos for a Japanese River Enlightened with 100,000 Unit

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Once we hear “japan” any unxepected and amzing things come through our minds like the river they lightened for celebration

Amazing Photos for a Japanese River Enlightened with 100,000 Unit

Someda river, tokyo, panasonic copmany launched about 100,000 led lightening unit in the river in hotaro feastival. This is atradition ages ago in this day they set on the river to watch the fire works, but there were an eception this year, they used the lightening units

Amazing Photos for a Japanese River Enlightened with 100,000 Unit

Hotaro means the lightening lady bugs and this idea aims to simulate these bugs while flying near the river as they believe that these bugs live there before the coming of man (more…)