Philips new LED Bulbs Won (L Prize) Competition to Replace the common light bulb

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Sunday , the united states presents new light bulbs to coincide with Earth Day

this new energy-saver bulbs has been designed by the Dutch Electronic company philips that replaced the regular bulb wire with Bi-Ions (LED )

Philips new LED Bulbs Won (L Prize) Competition to Replace the common light bulb

this technique will extend the life of the lamps up to 20 years , also their prices very high up to 60$/lamp.

philips provided a discount for stores as they can purchased it at 20$/lamp.

this LED bulb won the (L prize) to manufacture Energ-saving lamps to replace the 60 watt fluorescent lamps.

philips was the only applicant for this competition and won the prize after testing over 18 month ago , there is already a product with cheaper price in the markets but less efficient than LED Bulbs


Dubai Through Fog: 15 Astonishing Photos of Dubai Skyscrapers Emerging Through Thick Fog

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In a small period of time,Dubaimanaged to become one of the most distinguished architectural portraits in the whole world. Is has a wide number of skyscraper making it look like a city from the future; specially that it has the highest skyscraper in the world, the 828 m-high Burj Khalifa.

How would this modern city look like through fog?

Let’s see that in this impressive set of photos by photographer Ian Powell.

Dubai Through Fog: 15 Astonishing Photos of Dubai Skyscrapers Emerging Through Thick Fog

Powell says that fog thickly coversDubaitwice a year in March and August. The seasons change at that time causing humidity to increase. The whole city appears wrapped in thick fog in the early mornings looking like a fantasy. (more…)

Video : Nokia PureView 808

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Nokia has launched an advertising compaign for its mobile phone Pureview 808 , and with the help of professional photographers to highlight the powerful of this mobile camera which is 41 MegaPixel !!!

Space Technology : 3D Printer that Creates Anything You Captured.

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Are you ready to see the future written yesterday? Imagine with me:

With the 21st century being the age of space invasion, of building international space stations and of enterprises of construction on the moon there is a very delicate issue that faces astronauts in space. What would they do if their basic tools, a screw driver for instance, got broken?

On earth, it is not a problem at all. You can buy one at any store. But when you are 36 thousand meters above earth or on the moon where would you get one?!

Scientists found an incredible solution to this problem. All you need to do is “photocopy” whatever it is you want to make and then “print” it just like what you do with papers. If you want a screw driver, photocopy it and then print it. The world of science fiction is amazing and it is even more amazing when it comes true.

Reality More Beautiful Than Imagination: 3D Printer that Creates Anything You Captured.

What you see in this picture and what I mentioned above is a real invention that got actually executed by scientist David Kaplan. The story begins in Z Corporation, a company in the state ofMassachusetts, which is specialized in manufacturing 3D printers that can create anything. In this video, you see the National Geographic record of this amazing invention: (more…) Service That Turns Your Ideas into Fabulous Presentations

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In the age of social networks and the revolution they made in communication styles among people, the “idea” became a substantial driving force. Thus the need has increased for simple means for displaying and conveying ideas to people. Websites like Youtube and Facebook provide you with the necessary means to display and publish your ideas; but they don’t help you execute them. If you are not a director or designer with experience in different graphic software, you will certainly need one. Another option that most of us usually use to make presentations is a program like Power Point. Yet its effects have become much boring because of being overused. Here I present you a website that helps you execute great presentations for your ideas. Service That Turns Your Ideas into Fabulous Presentations gives you the advantage of making your own presentation, using simple tools and amazing features, to share them with your friends or use them in work. (more…)

The Creativity of Drawing on Walls: More than 40 images of Walls Turned into Dazzling Paintings:

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There have been many creative artistic attempts as in the art of drawing the ground and street drawings. Not far from this, we are discussing the art of Wall Drawing. This modern art is in fact attracting many people due to its huge sense of innovation. Following are some great artists from around the world.

The Creativity of Drawing on Walls

Starting with the Russian Nikita Nomerz we can see how he turned the walls of his city into amazing paintings. He added a great sum of beauty to ordinary insignificant buildings turning them into dazzling works of art. Nikita said in an interview with The Telegraph, “Usually I do not spend so much time to create one work, sometimes less than an hour. But it all depends on the size of the object and my ideas.” (more…)

Step into IT Management with a Master’s Degree

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Making investments is one of the primary functions of any business, but it’s not always what you think. Information technology management specifically relates to on hand investments that businesses make through software, data, networks, computer hardware and facilities focused on data, as well as those who are staffed to work in IT at a business. There are also some basic functions that every IT manager must understand and while some of this is traditional business administration stuff, like budgeting, staffing and organizing projects, there is also software design, network planning and tech support that IT managers have to worry about. IT management is one of the brightest careers for those who want to work in business but also have a passion for computers. (more…)

Drawing Techniques : Ink Drawing under Water – Mark Mawson

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Is it possible to use ink in drawing under water?

It is true that water and ink are enemies. They spoil one another whenever put together. But before you rush your answer, see these pictures:

Ink Drawing under Water by Mark Mawson

Can you believe that this amazing spectacle is a few drops of ink thrown into water! This creative work belongs to Mark Mawson a photographer specialized in underwater photography. He has many amazing projects in this field. Lately, Mawson published this set of photos in a new album called Aqueous Fluoreau which in turn became very popular online.

I couldn’t find any technical details on how Mawson actually executed his work and it seems that he intended to keep it a secret. He only commented saying that he dropped different types of paint into a water tank and photographed them as they reached the bottom and up. Here is some of his marvelous shots.

This was his latest collection. He has two earlier collections called Aqueous and Aqueous II. Following are some of their photos: (more…)

FB Submitter WP Plug-in Review

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FB Submitter WP Plug-in Review

Welcome and thank you for visiting this FB Submitter WP  Plug-in Review. Does FB Submitter  WP  Plug-in Really Work? Is it a fraud? Discover the truth about it by reading the following FB Submitter WP  Plug-in reviews.

FB Submitter WP Plug-in Overview

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What is FB Submitter WP  Plug-in?

FB Submitter WP  Plug-in makes it completely easy to get more subscribers to opt-in to your list by enabling them to transfer their information through their Facebook accounts. All this with the simple click! This incredible WordPress Plug-in also gives subscribers the option to post their find on Facebook walls which increases traffic to your site. (more…)